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Withdrawal option was disable

My withdrawal (PayPal) option was disable. I can’t withdraw my available funds. I’m Unable to process payment, Suddenly I saw my PayPal withdrawal option was disabled.

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What happens when you hover over the option?

Is your PayPal account still active when you log in? Did you send a message to Fiverr customer support yet?

Also - did you fill out the W9 form if you are in the US?

Yes, my PayPal account is active.

I have contacted customer support many times and such replies have come from them.

I have filled the W9 form

you can create a payoneer account.

It seems that this is the last hope

Try going here: - then click on the Submit a Request button to open a customer support ticket. It looks like the response you get is an automated response, but this should get a human to look at your issue and offer a helpful response.