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Withdrawal Options Disabled - Fiverr Support not helping

I received an order related to development which was delivered and marked as completed. The buyer was fully satisfied he marked the order as completed and gave me a nice 5-star review.
After some days of completion, he asked me to encrypt the code, I agreed and encrypted the code free of cost without any extra.
And after 13 days of completion, he contacted me again and asked to do some changes and fix some issues that he was facing due to an update on Amazon website. I also fixed those issues without any extra charges/cost and provided him free support.
Then he asked me to implement a new feature that was conflicting with his original requirements and not possible technically due to this conflict in requirements.
I told him that this change request is not possible.
He contacted support and Fiverr support removed his five-star review and allowed him to leave a negative review. Fiverr also blocked my funds and they asked me to resolve this order complaint.
Now it’s been 15 my withdrawal options are disabled, and Fiverr support doesn’t care about my issue they are just telling me they cannot unblock funds until the buyer is satisfied.

That is really discouraging and disappointing. Fiverr allows such blackmailing by Buyers.


How much was the order worth?

it was $120, and I spent almost a week on it.

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Really too much buyer-centric. They should appoint mediators to handle such issues on a fair ground instead of blocking.


I have stopped taking orders on Fiverr. Now I’m focusing on other freelance platforms. As I can’t take risk of not getting paid for my hard work.

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This is a significant problem. I get asked by several people a week to take on projects in excess of $200 - $300. I simply refuse them though as I can’t take the risk on Fiverr. In fact, I could easily double the prices on most of my video work but my brain just says “nope, no Escrow means no protection.”

Thankfully, I have only had Fiverr refund small orders after siding with buyers and the few chargebacks I have had haven’t been that bad. The thing is, I plan to keep it that way.


Fiverr support is just saying this sentence over and over
"I am sorry, but we will not be able to restore your withdrawals until you resolve any issues you are having with your buyers. Please go through your past orders to make sure that they are resolved"

It’s been 12 Days since I have opened a ticket and they are just telling me above thing over and over, every day. They are not telling me what to do.

This kind of issue happened with me many times previously.

I think, they should change the name of “support” bcuz they never act like support. :):stuck_out_tongue:

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They are not even asking me to refund. They are just telling me to Build an Air Plane in Price of Bicycle.

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@fast_editing How long it took to restore withdrawal option for you?

I had just refunded the buyer and i always avoid that kind of buyer :slight_smile:

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Wait a second. I have people ask for revisions which simply are not technically possible. You’re saying that the issue here is that Fiverr is blocking all your funds from all orders until you satisfy this impossible demand? - And the order is already marked as complete?

What exactly is Fiverr expecting you to do? Maybe tell the buyer in no uncertain terms why what they are asking is impossible. Then inform them that you will be happy to agree to refund them but in this case, they have no right to use your work. If they do, just file a copyright complaint with Google or inform the site directly that they are using your work illegally.


thank you @cyaxrex I’ll try that

Created a ticket and told them that I’m willing to give refund, And Fiverr closed my ticket without even replying.

Sounds like they have it in for you. Sorry.

Once he left the five star review that should have been the end of the order.

For fiverr to remove his review so he can change it to a negative one is amazing. I’ve thankfully never had that happen.

Is that all funds or just from this order?

Why don’t they just give the buyer a refund? No need to block all withdrawals.

@misscrystal They blocked my all funds, and they are asking me to keep taking orders too, so they can block more funds.
I just created a ticket to give the refund to the buyer and they closed the ticket without even replying.

That is very strange. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’m not sure how you can keep taking orders if all your funds are blocked.

I’m so sorry for what is happening to you. This seller @codecrush worked for me and he was very nice, efficient and quick, he delivered high quality work in reasonable price.

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Fiverr support team should be ashamed for this kind of behavior. And I suppose Fiverr will remove this post soon to hide it’s pathetic support team.