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Withdrawal Options

Hello everyone!
I live in Europe and I was already withdrawing money through PayPal (Euro to Euro transaction).
Now it seems that I can choose to withdraw the money in two different currencies, Euro or Dollar.
Do you have any advice? I would like to avoid high commissions from PayPal or whatever they’ll do with my money.


you can use another way to withdraw money . Like as Payonner Master Card.
Open a account in payonner and apply for master card.


In my experience, withdrawing in Euros directly through Fiverr actually nets me a smaller total revenue overall, due to the PayPal conversion rate (when turning USD income into EUR) being better than Fiverr’s own conversion rate. This could be different for you though (I live in Germany but my PayPal account is a UK one, as I lived there in the past).

It happened to me, too.
I withdrawed in Euros and ended up with a small amount of money due the corversion rate.
I can’t make a Payoneer account, by the way. So, I have to stick with PayPal for now.
I will try to withdraw in USD and keep you updated :slight_smile:

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I believe it should be possible to set it up so your PayPal account accepts dollars. This means it will hold the dollars in full, with no conversion rate, until you decide you want to convert it to EUR or anything else. This is fantastic for me as I have other revenue sources that come in as dollars, but also if I want to pay for anything online in dollars I can use those funds 1:1 with no waste! :slight_smile: Might be worth setting that up too

Hi! Did you do your withdrawal in USD? and then from Paypal to your bank account?
Last time I withdrew from Fiverr to Paypal in EUR, I had a 3.5% conversion fee.
Is the Paypal conversion fee better?

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Hi! Yeah, I withdrew in USD to PayPal and then, to avoid conversion fee, I left the money there. It could be handy if I’ll pay something in USD online. But I think we all should find an alternative to PayPal, because its conversion fee is really high. I was reading about Payooner and TranferWise and it seems they could work just ok

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I’m experiencing the same problem. Guess I will try with Payoneer next time

But I see I only have three options to withdraw the money (PayPal, bank transfer and fiverr revenue card) shouldn’t it have an option for Payoneer?

EDIT: Oh is the fiverr revenue card :woman_facepalming:t3:

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I don’t know much but i suggest you use payoneer as i think it is better.

Fiverr fee and Paypal fee are almost the same (around 3.5%).
I’m now getting paid here on Fiverr in dollars and withdraw directly in EUR through PayPal.

Atm I have my Fiverr currency in Eur and I withdraw to my PayPal eur account. I don’t pay any fees to transfer from PayPal to my bank account. But I noticed that here on Fiverr I lost lots of money with their currency fee and I still couldn’t figure out how much it is. Does anyone know? I’m doing the maths to see if Payoneer is the best option for me.