Withdrawal Payment Questions


Hey guys,

So I have only been selling my gig for 4 days now, and after 36 orders in less than 96 hours, I am seeing how big Fiverr really is. So my question is to you all:

What kind of fees happen when you withdraw your money? I know Fiverr has taken their cut already (hence why you only receive $4 per order), but does PayPal have fees? And when I choose to withdraw my accrued revenues to my PayPal, how long will that take to appear in my actual PayPal account? Is it available the same day or do I have to wait even longer?

Just curious as to how this all works so I can know when it’s most feasible to withdraw my earnings.

Thanks in advance guys!

Oh, and some of my delivered orders weren’t marked as “Complete” by the buyer. Do those automatically get marked for their completion or what?


I became a level one seller after a few days on Fiverr and got the card. From my research the Fiverr card has a lot of back fees but that’s expected with any business…they have to make money too.lol. I’ve transferred money to paypal no problem. I think paypal didn’t take anything…not really sure though.


when ever you withdraw money to paypal $1 is charged mean

if you withdraw $40 to your paypal you will receive $39 in your paypal.

if you withdraw $400 to your paypal you will receive $399 in your paypal.

service charges is always 1$.

if you transfer money from your paypal to bank account it takes upto 7 days. but Fiverr Debit card by payoneer is quick you can transfer to your debit card for service charges $1 and then you can have that money at your disposal in 2 days or pay 5$ fees to get in 2 hours .




when you withdraw your one gig money (4$) to paypal it’s charge 00.08$, it’s mean you will have 3.92$ to paypal. that fee also charge by fiverr not paypal it’s fair because fiverr make us to world biggest online market.when you withdraw your money to paypal it will credit up soon after you withdraw.

you can check fiverr revenue card fees from here https://payouts.payoneer.com/partners/Default/fees.aspx

when you withdraw your money to fiverr revenue card you have two option

1.load money in 2 hours (you will charge 5$ per each load)

2.load money in 2 days (you will charge 1$ per each load)

If a buyer didn’t mark complete the order it will automatically complete after 3 days


Hey there this question has been asked a lot here in the forums just do a quick search and you should come across some interesting information


Reply to @davidamerson: Thank you for answering all of my questions! Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Reply to @ozzieuk: Hey there! I searched for it extensively this afternoon and couldn’t find anything that specifically answered if the PayPal transfer was immediate. My apologies if this seems like a fairly repetitive topic though!


Your welcome :slight_smile: and welcome to the fiverr well as to the fiverr forum feel free to the ask anything we all are like a family we don’t know each other personally but we feel like a family be like family :slight_smile:


2% for each withdraw charged by paypal not fiverr.


I think it depends on the country you’re in. For me, I only get charged $1 per withdrawal no matter how large the amount. Congratulations on your success :slight_smile:


Im trying to transfer money from my Fiverr Revenues account (no pending transactions) to my Paypal…I get this message…

“A verification email was sent email address you provided on PayPal.

Please check your email and follow the instructions.”

…but no email goes to my email address I provided on Paypal. I’ve requested this a week apart and check inbox/all mail/spam folders.

I’ve reached out on Twitter and have yet to hear from Fiverr Customer Service. Please assist.



I would like fiverr to add the ability to withdraw from cleared funds the amount I say not the whole amount :frowning:

I have just done this and of course it takes the whole balance, while it won’t take long for the clearing funds to clear and there be a balance again I would have liked the option to have said HOW MUCH I wanted to withdraw :slight_smile:

I didn’t actually want to withdraw the entire amount

so it would be nice to see that option built in

tried to contact support to suggest it but support contact seems to be down again lol

and yes it is always a fee of $1 to withdraw

I think this is rude as they already take $1 from our earnings

but I am greateful that paypal don’t charge any fees with the transfer

I always do larger amounts so that the exchange rate is better :slight_smile:


I withdraw money from my fiverr account payoneer account but money not reach in my payoneer account.
Kindly help me.