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Withdrawal payment without bank detail

fiverr withdrawal payment without my bank account detail what did i do now how do i enter my bank account detail to fiverr.

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Hello, use this link: here’s the full information from the platfom: Getting paid:



i already know all this information, but they transfer my payment without my bank detail required.
i clicked the bank transfer button and it said they will tranfer with in 7 days without letting me to select the amount of money and adding any bank detail or any other required info… now where did that money go??

Ummmm i understand now, is like a gost transfer. Because if the bank info is missing, the money will never arrive to you. I think the only way is contact directly to custom service, I have problems once, and they Gave me a very quick Answer…

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If you have a payoneer account linked, the money will be sent to your payoneer account.
As regards you not inputting the amount you want to withdraw, that is not a choice you can make on Fiverr. Whatever amount you have available for withdrawal will be sent to the payoneer account.

Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i am saying that fiverr not required my Payoneer account detail and i not yet enter my payoneer account detail in fiverr so where fiverr transfer my payment.

I have the same issue. How did you solve it?