Withdrawal Problem on my Account


Hello guys, first time, I am facing the problem to withdrawal my money on Fiverr. Whenever I click on the PayPal option on Fiverr it shows" You have reached your daily maximum withdrawal limit of 5000."Please help me out in this regard even though, I contacted with Fiverr customer support but didn’t reply yet but just want to be assured that will be my problem sort out or not?


You were trying to withdraw more than $5000?


Yea I think when it says that you simply need to wait for tomorrow :slight_smile:


No at all, Eevn though yesterday I withdrew $8 but don’t know why today I am unable to withdraw $24 .


Hav you gone through from this problem too ?


I have experienced it with my previous account, but I just wrote to the support team and they got everything fixed within a day. Also, I would suggest that you withdraw when you have more money on the balance,because you get charge 1$ for each withdrawal.


Try withdrawing tomorrow, this time. If it does not work, contact customer support.


Free Tip:
Don’t withdraw in chunks. You’ll end up with less amount in your hand.
I withdrew $600 or more and paypal deducted just $1 (which is less than 2% of what was expected).
You can calculate yours.


I withdraw every time it crosses $100, just to stay safe. A popular seller has already mentioned how someone stole his $150.