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Withdrawal problem with Payoneer card. [RESOLVED]

I need to load funds to my Payoneer Card, so that I can withdraw cleared funds. Help

For problems with Payoneer, check the thread linked below. If the answer isn’t in the thread you can find contact info or resources for Payonerr support.

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Can anyone help me with my current problem! 2 weeks ago I withdraw money, the result can not be because the fiverr account is different from the account I use on payoneer, after I contact CS fiverr several times and CS payoner finally they reply … there is an incoming email from fiverr that "my payoneer verification code has not Active “and I have got a verification code from payonerr and they will contact fiverr so I can withdraw my money, but already 2 weeks in earning-bank transfer column (ash) and read” your application is being processed "

Anyone can tell me my current problem ?? thank’s

in my ccount thw problem is same the button is not clickable and comes you have some isues with fiverr revenue card contect cs. even i have contected with cs but no solution

Hi, I am trying to withdraw my money from Fiverr and the Payoneer account is linked, the withdrawal process is not working

withdraw was not complete" this error occur can anybody help me?