Withdrawal Problem


I was suppose to receive an email when I tried to withdraw from fiver but I didn’t receive it, and fiverr marked the withdrawal as successful, will it affect the withdraw from reaching my payoneer account since i didn’t receive any email?


Are you referring to the confirmation email that you’ve successfully withdrawn your revenues? Because that email can sometimes show up after 12-24 hours.

Anyway, if Fiverr marked the withdrawal successful, you should see your earnings in your payoneer account soon, so just be patient.

P.S. also, have you checked your Spam/Bulk email folder? maybe your email provider mistakenly put it there.


The withdrawal does not happen unless you physically click the link sent in the email, so it won’t have been marked as successful and it will not have gone through if you haven’t done that.

Are you sure you’re checking the right email associated with your Fiverr account?


Maybe they received the withdrawal link email, and instead they’re actually referring to the “your withdrawal was successful” email that sometimes comes in late.


If withdrawal success, you receive email from Payoneer. If still didn’t received, please contact Fiverr CS


Yes I am checking the right email, I didn’t receive nor did I click any link sent to my mail, the money is showing on my payment history on payoneer since almost 7 hours and the payment status is Processing Card Load.


I’m seeing it in the payment history but the status is Processing Card Loading…it’s been like that for some hours now.


I have contacted but they are yet to reply


Same Problem With my First withdraw … Payoneer showing that status of Payment “Processing Card Loading”

Any suggestions to solve this issue…