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Withdrawal section

when i go in my revenues option, on tye top where there are five section ( earned, withdrawal, use to order gigs, pending and available fund)- why do i have 20$ in the withdrawal section?? can anyone help me? in earned its showing the toatal amount but till the end, 20$are stuck in withdrawal part!!

“Withdrawals” amount is how much money you’ve moved into your Paypal account or Payoneer card. It’s not money that is still available, it’s the money you’ve already taken out.

If you stopped making any more sales right now, and the upcoming and cleared funds finally went to $0, and you took out all the money that was available to you, then the “withdrawals” and “earned” amounts would be the same number (less any funds you used to buy Fiverr gigs).

Hi! For me it is the other way around. I would like that my “revenue” or “earned” become the “withdrawal” amount to get the money on my Paypal account. In other words I would like to get my revenues to my Paypal account but it seems that I can only get the money from the “Withdrawal” section. How can I transfer my Earned money to Withdrawal money? Or is it blocked?


Reply to @celticmoon: but i have moved more than 20$ in my account… why does it only keep showing 20$ in withdrawal section!!!

Reply to @diqu91: Sorry, I misunderstood you. You know, lately I’ve seen posts from other members complaining about bugs on their revenues page, mostly about the dollar amounts not showing correctly although ultimately they ended up getting the right amount of money. I wonder if you’re having a similar glitch? I guess you’ll have to get in touch with Customer Support.

Good luck~

What happens when you click on the “paypal” button next to where it says ‘withdraw’ (underneath all the dollar amounts)’? Is there any indication that the software is trying to do something, and do you get any sort of message? Normally you see a message across the top of the window saying an email has been sent to your address, which you have to go open to verify the transfer. If those buttons (“paypal” or “fiverr revenue card”)are greyed out, that means they are not active, usually because you don’t have any funds to transfer out. So if that’s the case, but you know you actually do have funds ready for withdrawal, or if you don’t see that message about the email, then something is wrong and you’ll need to contact Customer Support.

As long as you set up a paypal account (or the fiverr revenue card) when you signed up on Fiverr, you should be able to transfer your money out.

I am facing withdraw problem from my fiverr account into my payoneer account.

When i click on the revenue card option it show wait please but doesn’t show any thing.

Then when i refresh and click again on revenue card option it show "You have reached the maximum amount of withdrawals per day. No action is taken. Try again tomorrow."

How my a solve this problem ?

This is the first time i withdraw from this site. Please help me. I need its urgent.

Thank You