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Withdrawal using paypal

Hello everyone,
I finished my first order for 25$ and waited 14 days for clearance. After this, I transferred my money to PayPal, but I forgot my PayPal account was not verified, will I get the money back to Fiverr, so that i can transfer it to my bank account this time.

Please Help me out.

Thanks in advance.

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I am not sure but maybe your transaction will vet failed if yo paypal is not verified… Is your transaction confimed?
And if not try verifying paypal and also asl for fiverr customer support for detailed guidance.

Why not verify your Paypal account? Paypal is probably holding your money.

If your paypal account is legit, then probably the money from fiverr will still be transferred there.
Paypal is probably holding your money and you have to verify the pp account in order to withdraw the fund to your bank.
It is better that you verify your PP now to save time.

yeah, I got a mail fro Fiverr saying that my withdrawal was successful

the name in bank and the paypal name doesn’t match, so i’m not able to verify my paypal and i can’t even change my name.

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You need to contact paypal support in this case.
They may initiate a new verification request so you can update your info again.

I tried that too, but they were not of any help

You can change your name in your Paypal account.

Are you using YOUR OWN PayPal account or did you borrow a friend or family member’s account - meaning, you would send your funds to their account and this is why you cannot verify the information.