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Withdrawals are temporarily disabled for my account

Today, I had to withdraw my money as I need it desperately but it was disabled temporarily. Don’t know why my payments are disabled, quite disappointed.

I have submitted a support ticket but just want to know that is there anyone else having this issue?

Is there anyone who can answer me!!!

Which is your prediction ?

  • you did mistake
  • buyer did complaint and report you to cs, without you know
  • one paypal assosiated with two different account
  • fiverr thought that your service is scam
  • your rival jealous and with many ways report to cs that your service bla…bla…bla

Check your email. This happened to me a couple of days ago because I had received a phishing link in a Fiverr message. Support contacted me via email and were awaiting my response to keep my funds safe.

You most likely need to confirm who you are. Happens to every seller at some point. So prepare to send documents, if you haven’t yet!

They just needed me to confirm that I hadn’t clicked the link and my account was secure. You may need to answer your security question, though.

Wait. I think there is a problem with withdraws from Paypal. I have also this

i think you did something wrong, contact fiverr customer support, they will help you, no one can

Thanks for all.

Fiverr support resolved my issue. This happened due to a negative review which was reverted as a positive review by the buyer and I told the Fiverr support with screenshots and they resolved the restriction.

Reply to @adsense3000:

  • No I did not make any mistake
  • I think no one had issue with my service.
  • Check my profile and see all are geniune services and check my all reviews. All are positive (only 2 negative that were in the very beginning on my sale no. 2 and 5)
  • maybe

Reply to @adsensewizard: What kind of documents they require? I am willing to send them what they need.

Still no reply from the support.

Did you get it fixed?