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Withdrawals - Bank Transfer

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone else knows how the withdrawal system works when withdrawing money through bank transfer?

I just withdrew my money through the bank transfer option and it said to go to my emails to complete the payment process. However, I have no email, and even after refreshing, waiting and checking all of my email folders I still do not have an email.

I tried to go through the process again on the Fiverr site but it says I have insufficient funds, causing me to presume it has gone through.

I am dependent on this payment to cover the work that I did for clients through Fiverr and will be in a very tight spot if the system has failed and the money has been lost.

Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Check the update tab in your email, withdrawal email does not come in the inbox, it always come in update tab.

thanks sir

I am having the exact same issue. what is this update tab I have looked all over my email and can not find anything regarding my withdraw. it an email was sent with instruction and I recieved no email and now the withdraw system just says not enough gains.