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Withdrawals glitching


Anybody else having trouble withdrawing funds today?

I need to pay a bill today and went to withdraw. The site gives the usual green bar that says they’ve sent an email, but no email is ever sent and the funds remain in the top bar. I sure hope this is temporary, as my bill is due today!


Have you tried logging out and logging back in again?
Also try different browsers, clearing out your browser cache, etc.


Yup, I’ve done all the usual stuff like that. It’s become second nature.Even double checked my account’s email address This really looks to be server-side, because the site acknowledges that I’ve sent the request, but then never sends the email out.
Also, It’s happening on on PC, as well as from the android mobile app.

Anyway, I’ve contacted CS, so hopefully they can get this sorted.


Hmm. Good thing the money HASN’T been transferred already in the process then without proper receipt.

You may wish to contact customer support asap on this.


Looks like we “crossed the streams” lol.
I’ve edited my reply above to answer your post while you were writing it.

Hopefully they can get it sorted.