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Withdrawals of Fiverr earnings. [RESOLVED]

I have earned $45 in total. But I don’t know how to apply for withdrawal of my earnings. I see there are two card in the revenue window, one is Paypal and another is Fiverr revenue card. Paypal is not allowed in our country.

Sheriff’s Note: The answer has been provided by twistedweb123 . This thread is now closed

Add the content payoneer Master Card in folder my sales and revenues and apply for that. After aprooving they send it to your adress.

But, just now I have applied for the Payoneer Master Card and It will come to me after one month. So, now I am unable to withdraw my earnings.

Hi farukahmed,

The withdrawal options available are dependent on your country. As PayPal is not available in your location then it seems the Payoneer Master Card is the only alternative option available to you at this time.

Whilst the waiting time is unfortunate, if you had applied for this card on initial signup you would probably have it already in time for your first withdrawal.

This may be a short delay but look at the plus side - when the card does arrive you’ll have even more to withdraw, and future withdrawals will be very quick and easy!