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Withdrawing earnings

Hi there,
I had a question regarding Payoneer Withdrawal. Its been two years and had a lot of orders. And whenever I click ''Payoneer Withdraw" button, the funds are directly transferred to my bank account. Not Payoneer but directly to bank account. Keep in mind, Payoneer account is attached with Fiverr and my bank account is linked in Payoneer. Many people say when they click withdraw, they have to go to Payoneer and theN withdraw from there. That is not my concern.

My concern is that Payoneer minimum amount is 50$ while Fiverr minimum amount for withdrawal is 20$ . Right now I have 30$ in Fiverr. If I click the withdraw button where will the funds go? Into my bank account like it used to go or Payoneer since the amount is less than 50$. Plus even if it goes in Payoneer account, how can I withdraw from there? Since its less than 50$.

Hope you guys understood. Only veterans or experienced members answer it please, no new-bies.

I stopped using Payoneer a long time ago, so I can’t say for sure how this works today. However, when I used to withdraw via Payoneer, my funds always arrived in my bank account, and not my Payoneer account, even when the amount was less than 50. However, I had an issue where Payoneer “lost” 200 bucks while not being interested in helping me solve the issue, so I quit using them for that reason.

Things might have changed since then. If you really do need the money fast, I’d recommend Paypal just to be sure, and then just link your credit card with Paypal so you can withdraw the funds from there directly to your credit card. It’s a bit more expensive, sure, but at least you know you’ll get your money.

Let us know how it works out if you try with Payoneer, as it would be interesting to know for sure how it works at the moment, for future reference.


Well, Paypal does not work in Pakistan. So I cant use that.

And yes, I just pressed the button of withdrawal. Lets see if i receive or not. I’ll update for sure

I see. Looking forward to the update!

I got the funds. Yay!