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Withdrawing from Fiverr to Paypal Account

Hello, I have a problem with withdrawing to my papal account. I’ve reached the minimum limit to withdraw from Fiverr (20 $) and I tried to transfer it to my Paypal account, Although I received a successful confirmation on my email for the withdrawing process, but I found there’s no change neither in my balance on Paypal nor in my Fiverr account.

My Paypal account is verified and also my credit card.

Any suggestions to solve this issue?

Sometime there is a delay, i would wait 24 hours. After that if the balance still wont show up on paypal contact customer support.

First of all there is no minimum limit to withdraw from fiverr to paypal. You can withdraw as low as $2 from fiverr to your paypal.

I suggest you to wait 24 hours and then contact Customer Support if nothing happens.

try contacting support if it takes longer than normal