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Withdrawing from Fiverr

Hey so I’d love some help, I’m from Jamaica and I have not been able to withdraw money from fiverr because if I use Paypal it is saying that I need to have a US bank account to transfer my earnings. I’d just like to know if there is any way at all for me to withdraw my money to a bank outside of the US. Thanks for helping me in advance

The only time paypal asks to add a bank is when you haven’t linked any credit or debit card to your account.

If you are having trouble with bank transfer, you can also avail Payoneer facitily. Apply for that and fiverr will send you a debit card where you can easily transfer yours funds and use it like a debit card, use it at A.T.M or swipe it on the machind at the stores. For bank transfers, you will have to go through a lot of pains, better use card.

Alright thank you for your tips

That’s strange. I’m Canadian and have a Canadian bank account/Canadian institution and didn’t have this problem.

Are you using the U.S. PayPal site? That might be the issue. I’m using the Canadian.

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Well unfortunately Jamaica does not have a dedicated Paypal website like Canada does

I imagine that is the issue then. You can only use the PayPal that supports your country. It sounds like you’re using the general PayPal (which is American) in lieu of this.

To use American PayPal, your properties need to be American.

I looked it up on the official website and PayPal does support Jamaica. That’s the version you need to be using in order to set it up and withdraw funds.

Edit: I did some more research and it looks like you may be required to use an American bank account even with the Jamaican PayPal. I’m not sure why that would be. Strange.

In any case, Jamaica is supported by PayPal and you need to use the Jamaican version.

Pp asks even kenya to link a bank account from usa BUT if you link a card from your country and head over to withdraw the send the funds to your local bank.

I would like to know if i have to have 100usd in my payoneer account before i can get the card shipped to me here in jamaica. Please help me understand.

I’m going to echo what @humanissocial has said.

I’m in Canada and use a Canadian bank with a branch located about 1-kilometre from my home.

No problem.

No, you don’t. Once you apply for the card, you will get – without even having any money in Payoneer.

If you’ve been referred by some, once you earn your first $100 US, you will get $25 and the person who referred you also get $25.