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Withdrawing Money from Fiverr to a Bank Account



Can somebody help clarify how to withdraw money from Fiverr to a bank account.

  1. When I withdraw money from Fiverr, do I have to withdraw the total earnings OR can I withdraw part of the earnings? I cannot find any field in which I can input a specific amount to withdraw. I don’t want to withdraw the full earnings amount.

  2. When I withdraw the Fiverr earnings to a bank account, does the money first go to Payoneer and then from there to the designated bank account? Once the money shows up in my Payoneer account do I need to take any action in my Payoneer account, or will the money automatically go to my bank account via Payoneer?

  3. How long time can it take for the money to reach my bank account after I have requested for withdrawal to a bank account in Fiverr?

Thank you very much!!

  1. It will withdraw full amount.
  2. First, it will go Payoneer then you have to withdraw it to your bank.
  3. 3-5 Business Day

  1. Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw a specific amount of money from your Fiverr account. Fiverr don’t have this option.

  2. Basically, you don’t have to do anything after clicking on the “Bank Account” option from Fiverr. First of all the money will go to your Payoneer account and then it will automatically come to your bank within 4 business days.

  3. 4-5 business days.


But how do you begin the process? I don’t even see a place to click?


If you haven’t got a balance you won’t be able to click anything - you need to have sold something before you can then seutp a payment method.


In India, Payoneer payment is the fastest. If I withdraw within 12AM (working day), it’s get credited to my bank account within 6PM same day.


how long does it take for my money to be transferred from Fiverr to Payoneer?