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Withdrawing money from Fiverr

I linked a PayPal account to Fiverr and I withdraw my money to PayPal.however, I have a problem with my PayPal account. I’ve added a wrong nationality on PayPal and now they won’t accept my ID documents because it’s a different nationalitiy. it seems like I’ve lost my money :((. I decided to create a new PayPal account and I’m wondering how to remove my current account and add a new one


You should contact with Fiverr Support


I believe the money will eventually revert back to your Fiverr account, though I can’t be 100% sure about that. I’d advise getting in touch with Paypal support over Fiverr support, as Fiverr support is running very slowly right now - sometimes weeks or a month+ before you get an answer.


ok. thank you so much

Update your bank account details… and withdraw from there…?