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Withdrawing money from my fiverr account


Hi Fiverr Family,

Quick question;

When withdrawing money from your fiverr balance to my paypal account, do I have to withdraw everything at once or can I withdraw only a certain amount?

Thanks for your time.

-Pastor Dre


Cleared funds available for withdrawal (everything at once)


You get only money
when fiverr team clears the fund status of your every sale.

actually, it takes 7 days to clear the fund of your every single seeling of a gig


Why did you provide a screenshot of your funds? It doesn’t make sense at all.


Yes you can’t choose a specific amount to withdraw, the way is withdraw to paypal the choose how much you want to spend when the money is on paypal.


Only if you are a TRS (Top Rated Seller).

For everybody else it is 14 days.


i just simply explain the procedure
by providing screenshot for easily understood


yes it right it take 14 days to claer our payment


The question was if he had the option to withdraw partially or all the money. Then you answered by providing a screen shot and talking about fund clearance and the duration it would take. In the end you never actually answered the question.