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Withdrawing money to Paypal and/or Fiverr card

At the moment, if you would like to withdraw earnings you are given option to send to paypal or your Fiverr card. This is great, but why should you have to withdraw all of your earnings? It would be nice if you could just choose an amount to withdraw and still be able to leave a balance, this way you still had funds available to use for buying!

My suggestion is to give you an option of the amount to withdraw, with a minimum of say $10 - 20. Also be able to split your withdraw between paypal and Fiverr card.

Thanks and look forward to any response or suggestions :slight_smile:

Oi!!! I had no idea. Since I haven’t withdrawn anything yet. That is rather dissapointing. Since I was actually planning on withdrawing only some amounts when I need them and leave the rest in place. I wholeheartedly support your idea.

I wholeheartedly agree. I don’t always want to withdraw all of my funds, but would like to leave some behind as you suggested. I hope Fiverr does something about this.

I agree with Smokey1871 and I also have not withdrawn yet so would like to buy with the balance if allowed to keep.