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Withdrawing money using Payoneer

Can I connect any payoneer account with my fiverr account??
Such as the fiverr account is on my name and verified with my passport but the payoneer is on my dad’s name??
Is it possible???

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i hope that you connect fiverr account with pa-onner

Payoneer is not working right now. :frowning:

I think you didn’t get my point.
I was just asking if a could connect a different payoneer account with my fiverr account

@sadman_1422, right now, it doesn’t matter if you can or cannot… Payoneer is not working.

Please read this forum topic for more information.

It’s a bit of misinformation. Payoneer doesn’t work for those who had prepaid cards. Accounts without cards work the same as before.

Not misinformation. The Payoneer situation is a rapidly evolving issue. At the time I posted my previous comment, the discussion was centered around Payoneer not working. In the hours since, new information has come to light suggesting some functionality for certain users, and completely frozen assets for others.


Well I see nothing wrong with payoneer website itself and from what I see the issue is more with payoneer card holders and not for normal bank transactions which we do from payoneer though fiverr or personally. I have funds pending on payoneer and I’m keeping my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: that it will went through.

its possible you can use your payonner card

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Please refer to this thread: Attention Payoneer users