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Withdrawing money via PayPal

Has anyone tried to withdraw their balance today or yesterday? It’s not working. I have clicked on Paypal several times and the site just won’t display anything… like it’s stalling. Not working… nothing happening.

I always withdraw my funds at this time of the month so I am a little worried right now that it won’t let me. Not that I got millions in my Fiverr account… rollingeyes… but I still need the money that I have.

Has anyone heard anything or know anything?

I already emailed customer support.


Fiverr is having maintenance issues, I suggest you wait a few days. I’m trying to deliver an order, and I’m getting 404 next to a file I upload. Then I copy and paste, deliver, and I get a black page with a maintenance notice.

On 01 March i`ve withdraw successfully 8$ to Paypall. Try to delete your cookies or use another browser.