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Withdrawing my money as a buyer


I am a buyer and both the sellers I have hired had not done the hence money is refunded. Now I want to withdraw my balance to my bank account . Does anybody know how to do this ?

support requests are closed even without contacting me and wihtout any solution.
This framwork is such a terrible framework .
Can somebody please help me.


Unless you have repeatedly canceled orders and ask for the funds returned, Support is usually pretty cool about returning your funds to your payment source. It does usually take the 2-3 business days to get back with you. If you open multiple tickets in that time period, it’s kind of harassment and it confuses the Support agents who keep getting assigned more tickets. Since you said “requests” plural that may be what happened.

You could wait a while until things have calmed down and try again with one single ticket. Otherwise you may have to use the funds for something else on Fiverr. They don’t actually have to do anything but give you Fiverr credit to use here, but they just do it to be courteous in most cases. The forum just just other buyers and sellers, no one here has access to your funds.


Thanks very much. I ave created two tickets and both were just put in to 'solve ’ status wihtout a word. I have no idea how to get this money back in to my account


You might want to just wait a couple of business days and see what happens. They may have marked it solved because they sent it to Accounting to have it refunded to your payment source.


Thank you very much . really appreciate your help


Sure thing.


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