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Withdrawing my money to my bank account

Today I wanted to withdraw the money I earned through Fiverr to my brother’s bank account since I’m not eligible to open one yet. And I found something called “Payoneer” which I know nothing about.
The only thing I know that you can withdraw your money from any freelancing website online using the Payoneer card? Am I right?

So my question here is. Beside the $3 fee of withdrawing the money to the bank account, will I have to pay other fees to Payoneer? Do I have to get a Payoneer card or anything so I can withdraw the money?

I’m a little confused, is there anyone out here who’s able to help me out understanding what this is?

I have used Payoneer for about 18 months or so and the only fees I have seen have been the $3. From what I have seen, on the times I checked it, the exchange rate was better than PP too. Whenever I withdraw, the money is in my account by close of business the following day (Except once when there was a problem where it took 5 days).
I don’t have a Payoneer card, just set up the Payoneer account, added my bank as the payment destination and that was it.
Have a look around too, there are some incentives for joining Payoneer where they give you money ($50+) just for making your first withdrawal.

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Does your brother have a fiverr account?

So I only need to set up a payoneer account which is linked with Fiverr, add the bank account details and that’s totally it?

I use Payoneer, I find it very convenient and they are not all up in my business like PP. I opened my Payoneer acc outside of Fiverr so I pay a 29usd card fee every year ( I hear if you open through fiverr you jus pay a one time fee of 5usd). For withdrawing from Fiverr to Payo they charge 1usd for a 3day service and 3usd for a same day service. I have never had any late payments, I have a Payo card and I linked my bank account to my Payo so I just use whatever is convenient at that time.

The reason why I quit PP is that they do not allow me to use my PP outside of my country and seeing as I am a very mobile person that kind of irked me out. I am still locked out of my PP account till december when I go back home!


No @misscrystal he doesn’t have one.

From what I remember it was very easy to do and that is all it took.
Make sure you are getting a bonus offer for signing up though!

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oh haha! I’ll take that in consideration :smile:
Thank you Mr.Eoin for your help. Should the post be closed since I got the info that I needed?

Post closed as account will be opened :slight_smile: