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Withdrawing Our Money


Not bad enough that you already take a whacking 20% commission on all orders, but you also make it incredibly difficult to withdraw what’s left of the cash we do earn.

Please simplify your cash withdrawal system. As it stands now, it looks like such a cynical move…



Elaborate please. What is so difficult about withdrawal?

And the “whacking 20% commission” is Fiverr’s fee. So what?

There are other booking and freelance services that charge more (and less). So what?

It is what it is.

Personally, I’ve never had any trouble withdrawing funds. Takes just a few minutes.


Well, I believe 20% is a LOT, especially when Paypal takes at least 1 more dollar, and if you’re converting to different currency… another fee. It’s not a perfect system, you don’t see through it, and it’s not easy to use… seriously, some less-known sites are better handled than this, and they have smaller fees. I wish Fiverr would take them as inspiration. With so many people selling and buying every day, they could get away with much smaller fee, and still earn loads of money on it (maybe even more, seriously, the fee is very negative for sellers)