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Withdrawing payment

On 22nd august 2020
I withdrew my first payment to paypal.But I didn’t know that you had to do some verify stuff on paypal before recieving funds.But i got an email from fiverr saying withdrawel was successful,Also from Paypal I received another email saying you have received ‘’’ dollars from but in order to deposit those funds you need to enter few details.
But even after doing all the stuff .I haven’t received any I contacted paypal but they assured that my account is ready to receive any payment but and also claim that they haven’t received any funds from fiverr .Then I contacted Fiverr but I haven’t received any response from their part at all.

Its been almost a week and still haven’t received my payment nor any response from fiverr.

Please need help.


I can understand how this frustrating for you, hence no one can help you here, you have to wait for CS response, as currently CS response time is more then 20 days, so you have to wait for this.

Hi jopaul_jose is the issue resolved now? I am facing the same issue. I have raised a ticket to fiver and waiting for 3 days. So what is the next procedure. What will be there with my money ? Paypal is saying they have not received money from fiver and it is reverted back. So please update me with latest news whatever it is please.

The same question for others also who have faced this issue and now knows tlwhat is the good or baad solution . Please reply what ever your comment. I am waiting

Hello friend
The problem that I had was I didn’t upgrade my PayPal account to a business account.
For that you will have to add in some details and all for that. After that it will take a few days for your PayPal business account to become active .
Then you need to contact fiverr for a refund.that how I got my money back. It took a week for fiverr to remit it back to me.
I hope this helps. :innocent:

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Ok thanks my friend so today I will be upgrading my account to business. Then after upgrade can you tell me what should I tell fiver about my money? ANd refund to where ? Please help ky friend.

Hello jopaul_jose. Please relax first. I face the same problem with the Payoneer. So don’t worry about that MOst probably your fund will be back in 15 days if it doesn’t deposit on your Paypal. Also, you can contact CS. They help you. Thanks.

I am sad to know about this to not withdraw the money brother, In fiverr update, there have some security issues, you need to maintain, and your also maintain you said, after that you can not withdraw very sad.

If you face any problem there have the CS in fiverr you sould mesage them to get quick solution
Thank you

After upgrading tell fiverr that you had withdrawn money but haven’t received it yet.
They will probably check it and find it as cancelled transaction.
Then ask them to refund it back to your PayPal account (which you just now upgraded) well that’s all.
They might ask for some clarification such as about your PayPal account. Just tell provide them with the info.
I believe this will do.

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Is the business account mandatory to accept payment in paypal from fiver or only with personal account it can proceed?

you can take payment in both account.But must be verified.

It is mandatory. To accept international payment.