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Withdrawing the funds partly

Hello everyone. First of all, thank you people for this platform, i enjoy it.
My suggestions is: it would be great if there was an option to withdraw only a part of the earnings. So the seller could set a custom amount to withdraw. As in my country (Russia) it’s safer when the earnings are on the fiverr site.
I wish a lot of success to everyone here.
Stay safe


A very good point!

I am 99% certain that in the past it was possible to withdraw part of your earnings.

But now you can only withdraw the full amount.

It’s annoying as I have my own reasons for only wanting to withdraw some of my income.


That would be a great idea! I’ve already thought about it but never said it out loud
Also, something I was not thinking about that should encourage the implementing of this feature, is the safety of some people like you that feel safer keeping their earnings on Fiverr.


@mariaitina You can have a payoneer account, after withdrawing from Fiverr to your payoneer Account, you can then withdraw any amount from your payoneer to local bank.

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Thank you! I used the payoneer, but unfortunately, from the beginning of the June, our officials decided to forbid any foreign bank accounts, so any withdrawals that will be transferred from abroad will be straight transferred to the local bank account, which is quite unsafe.
I’ll be hoping the fiverr command will work on this option :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for support to everyone!

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I’m sorry to hear that…

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I’m so sorry. That is so wrong.

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