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Withdrawing to bank account - Payoneer


I have a question about withdrawing money using the bank account option - Payoneer.

I don’t have the payoneer card. I only have a Payoneer account which is linked to my bank account.

When you withdraw money from Fiverr to Payoneer, does the money go to your Payoneer account or is it automatically sent through Payoneer to your bank account?



Well, If you linked your Bank Account with payonner then you can able to withdraw from your Bank Account via Payonner.


Thanks for the reply.

So when I withdraw money from Fiverr using the Bank Account option, and the money is sent to me, will the money stay in my Payoneer account or will it go directly to my bank account?

I am not in the US by the way.


You must order your payoneer card. If you want to use that option, you must have 30$ or more on payoneer account if you want to order your card from payoneer. Then they will send you your card on your home address and you will be able to pick up your money.


My understanding is that you don’t have to order the Payoneer card. I would be using the bank account option, not the fiverr revenue card option. I read that you don’t have to have a card in order to use the bank transfer option.


You can’t connect your bank account to fiverr without payoneer, paypal and other solutions like these.


Yes but you can have and use Payoneer without having their card, as far as I know.


@stefanmdesigns, he need to link his Fiverr as a funding source of his Payoneer account.

@stefansh, you better contact Payoneer CS requesting add your Fiverr as your funding source of your Payoneer account if possible. But I’m afraid, it might be a bit complex. If it is possible then maybe a strong verification would be required to proof to Payoneer that you are the owner of the Fiverr account.

I think all the markets prefer his users to signup to the payment getways and/or order revenue card through their market firstly and that is very safe too.

As it is directly a financial matter, please do whatever with your own risk only. I’m not recommending anything but shareing my idea only.


I think you can use payoneer without even having a card from payoneer. One of my friend have withdrawn from fiverr to his payoneer account and he does not have any payoneer card. He is using payoneer to bank option only. Better talk with customer support


The money 1st withdrawn to payoneer then automatically withdrawn to your bank account linked to payoneer.


stefansh don’t be upset. if you link your bank account then there is no problem.
You just go to Fiverr Earnings option then click on Bank Transfer you can get your money within 3-4 working day.
Firstly your payment goes to Payoneer then its move to your local bank.
I am also a non USA seller.I am always withdraw with my local bank account which is linked in Payoneer.


Hi mfasetu,
Can you tell me, on your bank report, does it says that you’ve received a payment from Fiverr or from Payoneer? It’s a big different to me. And what it says; from which country you received the payment? Israel, USA or some other country?
I will appreciate your answer very much. Thanks in advance!


irenaart, Nop, It’s not showing on my bank report but it comes from Payoneer and I have received the payment from other countries.
Firstly Payoneer received your payment then it send to your local bank.
if you want you can try this.


Thank you for your quick response!

  1. Create Payoneer account
  2. Link local bank account to Payoneer
  3. Link Payoneer account to Fiverr
  4. Click on “Withdraw to Payoneer account” in FIverr
  5. The funds deposited to Payoneer right away
  6. Sit idly for couple of working days the same funds will be transferred to you local bank account from Payoneer without your involvement


Yes you can. and the money gets transferred automatically to your bank account.
Source: I have no Payoneer card and I have withdrawn countless times to my bank account via Payoneer.