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Withdrawing to PAYONEER


I just signed up with Payoneer as i wanted to get the $170 bonus as it expires midnight tonight. I synced the fiverr account to the Payoneer account and put in my bank details. I got an email saying that it might take up to 3 business days for them to verify but i got an email back 5 mins later saying that they have verified my details and i can now withdraw directly to my bank via Payoneer. Great i thought, now i can get the $170 bonus before midnight. I go to withdraw via bank transfer and it send me a code to verify via text and so i enter the code and then it says wait for a verify email but half an hour later i’ve received no email and i’ve tried this a few times now and i’m getting no emails coming through like i would say when i want to withdraw to Paypal. Can anybody help me out? as i could really do with that bonus


Do not bealieve on that bonus. Why would they give you a 170$? I can create 20 accounts if you understand me. You can’t prove that you will be their active user with transactions and why you bealieve in that bonus? After all, you are just signed up with new account which is not verified. For now, you can withdraw your money on payoneer before you verified your identity but you can’t order a card and take a money. I’m verified my payoneer account , I send them my ID and Passport card, and after two days, they accept me and approve my account and give me a full functionality.


Why would they give me $170? because it was an official email from fiverr and an official promotion from fiverr but you only get it if you withdraw your first $750 to Payoneer and it expires today.