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Withdrawing with PayPal or Bank Account? (If you use €)

Hi, I’m pretty new to working on the internet so this Paypal/Bank account withdrawal is confusing. Also, I’m from Spain so my revenues have to be exchanged from to €. I wanted to know if it would be cheaper to withdraw it to Paypal and then send it to my bank account or withdraw it to my bank account for a 3 fee.
Also if anyone with a different currency than $ wants to tell me how they do it that’d be great.

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This may be helpful to you:

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You can withdraw to payoneer account and then you can withdraw the revenue to the bank account .

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Withdrawing to PayPal is not such a good idea because the conversion fees are ridiculous. You can lose a lot of money overtime. PayPal has their own conversions on currency that come with a big tax.

It’s better do send directly to bank. :slight_smile:

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Hi, did you ever solve this problem? How did it go? I have the same problem because I’m from Italy.