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Withdrawn Money Has Disappeared


After waiting about two weeks to withfraw money for some work I did as a Seller (Fiverr makes Sellers wait two weeks before they can take out their own money, for some reason) I clicked on the link to withdraw my earnings (in this case $120) into my bank account.

That was last Sunday evening, and the money has not reached my bank yet (five days later).

Should I be concerned at this? Is it possible that my money takes this long to clear into my UK bank account (Barclays)?

Has anyone else had a similar experience, and does it really take that long for money to be transferred?


As far as I know, here in the UK, we don’t have the option to withdraw straight to a bank account - it has to be done via Payoneer or PayPal.


On the Fiverr “Earnings” page there are three options to withdraw money and a button for each of them.

They are “Paypal Account”, “Fiverr Revenue Card” and “Bank Transfer”. So I clicked on the Bank Transfer button. I am told that the transaction is handled by Payoneer.

The transaction was then annotated as “Withdrawal Completed Successfully”.

The trouble is that this money did not go into my bank account, and it still isn’t there.

So what I was wondering was if it was “normal” for bank transfers to take this long to go from my Fiverr account to a UK bank.

If it is “normal” then I will just have to sit tight and wait for eight days or whatever it is. If it is NOT normal then of course I will have to report the matter to the Police.

Fiverr have not got back to me on this since Wednesday. I opened a ticket which was not replied to. I wonder why Fiverr is choosing not to respond to this quite serious matter.

As for Payoneer, I had a “chat” with one of their agents who could not understand what it was I was telling him; he was a complete buffoon. So I opened a support ticket on Tuesday. They have not replied to this ticket.


Stupid question - do you have a Payoneer account?


I’ve had a look at

Direct Deposit is a fourth withdrawal option and is only available in the U.S. This option does not appear on my Earnings page; only the other three buttons appear. Presumably this fourth option does not appear on the Earnings page of any UK Fiverr account holder because this option is not available, which makes perfect sense.

What does NOT make perfect sense is that it has taken over a week for money to transfer to my bank account, it hasn’t got there yet, and Fiverr seem to be refusing to enter into a conversation with me about it.

As for Payoneer, I will not be using them again (it’ll be straight into my Paypal account). They have proved themselves to be totally unprofessional.


No one on the forum can help you with this, sorry. Financial issues are handled by Fiverr,PayPal, Payoneer and any banks involved. Good luck.