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Withdrawn money in USD, Fiverr sent me EUR instead

I’ve an interesting issue, namely that the USD was set as my default payment, but instead of receiving USD, I’ve received EUR with a decreased exchange rate (~17USD loss due to this exchange). Fiverr’s support doesn’t understand the problem as they continuously say that we can change the currency, but I never did that. I’ve always withdrawn my money in USD and I never asked for EUR.

So it would be good if Fiverr would look after this as I don’t want to lose money, because of the strange exchange rates what Fiverr applied to my withdrawal (Especially as I set USD as my default withdrawal currency, yet I received EUR instead for no reason.).


Huh, I haven’t heard of this issue before… Hmm.
How did you withdraw? Paypal or Payoneer? Did you check the currency settings for those?

PayPal and USD was set. I never changed that setting, yet yesterday I received EUR instead of USD. Fiverr support also confirmed that I’ve received EUR, regardless the setting was set for USD, but the lady in support doesn’t really understand that I never requested EUR, but Fiverr automatically send that instead of USD. And due to that exchange I lost ~17USD.

I’m sorry this happened. We on the forum can only offer suggestions and advice based on what we know. I will say thank you for this information.

Are you still in conversation with CS?

CS continuously wants to close the ticket with information that the currency can be changed, but CS doesn’t want to understand that I never changed the currency to EUR. I’m on Fiverr in the last six-seven years and I always withdrawn my money in USD. I don’t have a clue why did I receive EUR as even Fiverr CS told that the default on my account is USD.

Have you submitted screenshots?

I’ll admit, I’m not sure what they can even do to fix the situation. Maybe a reversal of the transfer and a new transaction?

Yes, they’re checking it now. But they also don’t have a clue how this has happened. :confused:

As I mentioned, this is the first I’ve heard of it happening.
Well, good luck and if you would, please, let us know what happens and how it finishes? Just in case it happens to someone else.

Today I wanted to withdraw another amount and I already see what is the problem. Regardless the currency and withdrawal is set to USD, when I click on withdrawal, Fiverr changes the currency to EUR, regardless of the setting. So it might be a bug as the withdrawal is seemingly ignoring the saved currency preference and set the currency to location instead. So watch for this.


I have had the same problem in the past. Contacted CS about it and they weren’t helpful at all. I reported the bug to them and I told them that I’m willing to redo what I did just to prove them that it is indeed a bug and it’s happening without our consent and they “advised” me to not do that. Fiverr rocks, but things like this need to be fixed. Seems like you and me have quite the similar problems lately.