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Withdraws - WHY IS $64 NOT $64?


I’ve asked support about this in the past and never got an answer. When I request a withdraw to paypal it’s never the full amount that ends up in my Paypal account. Tonight I requested $64 and only $63 was sent. Where is the other $1 going ?


No they don’t, here’s the details of the last payment

Amount received:

$63.00 USD

Fee amount:

$0.00 USD

Net amount:

$63.00 USD

Subject: has just sent you $63.00 USD with PayPal


Actually, PAYPAL charges $1 for their MassPay transfer method,

Also, it’s in the FAQ and Terms.


They always take $1 when it’s $50 or more as they take 2% up to a maximum of $1 towards the paypal fees. As you $63 is over $50 that 2% hits the max of $1 so with your $64 withdrawal they only take $1 just as state in their TOS/FAQ


Well well it seems the is no end to the little ways people eat into your earnings on here.

Thanks guys !


Reply to @kickoff3pm: I hardly consider Paypal taking $1 from your $64 as “eating into your earnings!” YOU use Paypal’s services. YOU agreed to their policies, and you seriously can’t expect them to charge no fees! They can’t operate for free! I have no problem paying my fair share for their services.

Just a tip tho, maybe wait until you’ve amassed more that $64 to transfer to PayPal. I wait until I have $500. One dollar out of $500 is was less than $1 out of $64.