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well I have tried withdrawing money 4 times but it fails to send money to paypal. My account is verified on paypal and have working credit card linked to it. What’s more on e-mail it writes that money was successfully sent to paypal account but on fiverr it says that it failed, so any idea how can i fix this problem?


It was not working for me but I tried later and it was OK


That would be frustrating. It might just be a temporary glitch. I saw a thread about it in the “Bugs” area.


Try After moment…


only one paypal account 4 time accpet the fiverr service …please creat new paypal account any family member and send your fiverr money. i hope withdrew successfully.ok dear friend not a big problm ok…thank

please colloected my gig dear.


Try Payoneer service of fiverr.