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Withholding tax - tax payment for Fiverr

I apologize in advance for my English.

I have a problem as a buyer on Fiverr. Suppose I’m buying a service for $100. In my country, I have to pay a 20% withholding tax. The only way to avoid that is if I get their tax residency certificate from Fiverr. I’m shocked that Fiverr’s service doesn’t know what’s going on and they bounce me back from department to department. Fiverr to a great global platform and such situations must have had hundreds of thousands! Does anyone have a tax residency certificate from Fiverr?

Qs. Google and Facebook make these certificates publicly available for download - accountants take these certificates and don’t pay extra tax for these corporations in their country.

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Were you able to receive such certificate? We will also definitely need it, and our project budget is $20k+, so 20% WHT from such price is unacceptable to lose.

Did you try asking support about it?

Not yet. I was curious if @aecompany was able to get it. I’ll certainly contact support in this matter.