Within 24 hours my gig gone on 7 number pages in the Fiverr search result


I am very disappointed for the Fiverr new algorithm. 2 days ago I have seen my gig appear on the 1st page in the Fiverr search result. But last 2 days I didn’t get any new client SMS, that’s why I searched my gig in Fiverr. then I have seen my gig don’t show the 1st page in the Fiverr search result.

The last year 2016, Fiverr did the same thing. They changed their Algorithms and my gig didn’t show on the 1st page. then 4 months I was suffering and tried very hard and get back my gig 1st page on the Fiverr result.

If they every year do this type of change, no seller will stay in here. This is a very bad effect on our freelancing life. I am very, very and very disappointed. Can anyone give me some suggestion?



Not a lot you can do about it. We are all in the same boat!