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Within how many days I have to deliver the revision work?

the order is about 15days long, and near to the delivery time client want some extra works which will take 6-10days extra. He will pay for that. But the thing is he want to confirm the order after completing those extra works.

So my question is after the order time how many days for revision will cause no harm? If I will send him delivery and he will give revision request after delivery time then can I deliver modified work after 6-8days?


I don’t think he can ask for revision after the order is marked as complete.

Usually, the buyer asks for revision while the order is still active (after your first delivery it gets 3 days to be completed if he doesn’t accept it) and the time will be as many days as you chose in your revision for that gig. If you added additional revision in your gig you must have chosen a time as well.


You can also go to resolution centre and ask for more time