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Within last 3 weeks never updates any New User's gig for graphic design page


within last 3 weeks never updates any New User’s gig for graphic design page.please help me i am nw fiverr user and try to get my graphic design gig to recommended page but i check within last weeks never update any new user’s graphic design gig to recommended page. please help me. what is date you give your chance for new user’s please answer to me >

Thank you !


I reached 1st page and top 10 within 2 months in “High Rating” page. You got to have certain amount of page views and gig collected to go to 1st page. Hope that help


same here. please help US


@jacob404: Why on earth would the Fiverr editors ever recommend you for graphic design, when the comments left by your buyers show that you basically copied other company logos, used generic clip-art, didn’t follow guidelines, delivered late and have a terrible rating? 55% is nothing to be showcased on the Fiverr front page. And not only that, as @ricksper pointed out, you are using the same graphic to represent “your” gig as @brayan_tomas23…which looks suspiciously like you are using 2 accounts on Fiverr. Against TOS and if reported (easily done) and found to be true will get you banned. So you won’t have to worry about getting on the front page anymore.


Reply to @brayan_tomas23: Why are you using the exact same Gallery images as the original poster?


Even older user have same problem ,we didn’t get any update from fiverr maybe cause of some holidays ?


Owo grate, please give me some tips to increase my sales volume.


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