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Without any reason buyer Can't blocked Seller. This is not fair blocked a Seller


I have an experience of some buyers who are Blocked seller without any reason.

Type 1. Some Buyers contact me for my gig services and talking 1 or 2 days or more than a week. When Buyers are found other seller and not getting my gig service they are blocking me without any reason.

Type 2. I’m helping Buyers about my gig service and gives them all the information. They are Qur. and learns from Seller(me). But when comes to deal the are blocked me without any reason. This is not totally fair.

Type 3. Some Buyer are talking with the seller that"I want this service can you do it?". When a Seller talk with Buyer that" i can do this". Then Buyer replyed Seller that" I will contact you next day. When I asked next day about the deal they told me I’m busy now I will come the next day. The Next Day never comes. because they are blocked me without any reason. this is not fair (i’m talking aging).

I think.
1, A Seller never wants to lose a Buyer when they asked about Seller Gig service. A Seller all ways tries to work with friendly Buyer.

  1. The Buyer has no rights to blocked any Seller without any reason. If Buyer has reason must be attached proved.

Hope “Fiverr” team make a good TOS for all Seller and Buyer.


This has never happened to me. More than 1000 orders and few years on fiver nobody ever blocked me.
So I think you need to reconsider your communication approach.

If buyers blocking you after the first contact it means that they don’t like your approach or somethings sets them off in your proposals or way to reply.

Also contacting buyers (and now even following up) considered as spam, so you actually lucky that buyers just blocked you and didn’t report it as spam. Otherwise your account would’ve been already blocked.

Just give them time to reply. If they are interested they will definitely come back to you. (If not next day then in few days). If not then there is no point in chasing customer that don’t want to buy your gig.

As a buyer I also wouldn’t have liked seller chasing me and asking when I’m going to order. That looks really desperate.


It sounds as if you’re doing an awful lot of talking where it might not be needed.

One thing which might help is putting more information about what you do in your gig listing - at the moment it’s just a price list really. Also you don’t seem to have an FAQ - add one with all the answers to the questions your buyers have had, and it might reduce the need for so many messages.


“When I asked next day about the deal.” It sounds like they may be afraid you’ll hustle them. I’d personally be really annoyed if a seller contacted me to ask me if I’d made a decision about making a purchase and I’d be especially annoyed if they asked me the next day. It’s annoying. People don’t like to feel pressured. They’ll wonder if you’re going to message them every day.

It’s like if you are in a store and the clerk approaches you and asks you if you’ve made a decision about a lamp you asked him about. Chances are that you’re going to feel uncomfortable with that, walk out of the store and make a mental note to not come back. It’s just not comfortable and not necessary.

It also seems desperate. If I think someone is desperate to make a sale with me, I wonder why their business is doing so poorly they feel the need to hustle me. People don’t want to do business with someone they think is desperate or a business that isn’t doing well.


You are not supposed to contact them. You are supposed to wait for them to contact you if you are the seller. They block you because you are annoying them. Stop contacting them. If they want to buy your gig they will contact you.

I would never get blocked because I never contact any potential buyers. I let them contact me.


Buyers are allowed to block sellers with or without any reason. Shoppers at any store can walk away and ignore messages from merchants. If a buyer does not want to hear from you again they have all rights to block you.


I have received messages from both buyers/sellers for different reasons, but
the moment I feel like something is up, feel pressure, or sense any type of
desperation/ unprofessional behavior, I will block that person.

Be careful when you message people!


Add another I experiences that a lot. Buyer purchase an order and when I complete the order and ask for a review and then after they are satisfied they never contact me again. I send message and they never response.


That’s when your messages are supposed to stop. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t blame them - that could be counted as spam.

Exactly! :wink:


That is why I have added FAQ section which saves me lots of time. As per finding different service contractor (may be for cheap rate or any other reason), we seller actually can’t blame them. It’s up to the buyer to decide which service they should take. Yes they may take cheap service and yammer later or they can hire an expert. And surely expert services are not cheap.

Yes, sometimes you have to give something (i.e educate, teach) to earn good.

Some times, the days are long and you have to move on. :slightly_smiling_face:

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