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Without any reason client give me 4 star rating

I am so much shocked that buyer give me a 4 star rating without any reason. I asked him again and again why he did this kind of act with me. but he is speechless. What I can do now? Rating of this gig get decreased. what I do now? Please experts help me to give some suggestion. I attached screenshot.

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Reply to @kuntalghosh: The thing that is that he probably is perfectly happy with the work. If you look at the ratings on pretty much any seller here or any website that uses this five-star rating system, you’ll see people leave absolutely glowing written reviews, but a four star rating. Most buyers won’t understand why that little half star means so much to a seller, because 4.5 stars is still an awesome rating.

Reply to @kjblynx: No I don’t message him again and again. you can see his comment its positive but why he give this kind of rating I don’t know. I ask him if you not happy with my work then tell me. but he didn’t response me.

If you feel the feedback is genuinely unfair, you’d have to go to Fiverr support to request having it removed.

However, if I saw that feedback on someone’s gig, I don’t think it would put me off buying. I can appreciate it is a little frustrating when someone is presumably not completely happy with your service but doesn’t necessarily say why but if the buyer has paid up, I don’t really think they are obliged to provide a critique of your service too. I’m sure you’ll have loads more orders soon and this won’t be noticeable on your ratings either.

Some sellers do list ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ on their gigs and will do multiple edits and updates to try and ensure 5 star reviews but at the end of the day, there is no way to guarantee a buyer to give you perfect feedback and this can be exploited by less than scrupulous buyers.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Yes you are write but as I am new at fiverr so you know rating is so much important for me?

Reply to @kuntalghosh: It is important–and you still have a very good rating, because 4.5 stars is still a very high score. Like other people have said on both of your threads, that rating is not going to hurt your chances of getting other orders.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Okay, I get it

I had something like that the other day and don’t know what to do.

A woman ordered a gig from me and waited nearly a month to send me any information. When she finally did it was far more than the time she had paid for but I had nothing better to do so I did as she requested,(i help with Instagram accounts) I then sent her everything and she replied 'thanks’

I then get my first bad review 2.5 stars and ‘poor experience’ this is so unfair as all my other feedback is impressive and she was such a bad client who I overworked for and gave no indication she was unhappy.

I feel so disheartened by this because i put so much effort into my gigs.

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Reply to @ginadavies:

Have you tried contacting her? Sometimes lower stars can be because of a mistake.

sara1984 said: Have you tried contacting her? Sometimes lower stars can be because of a mistake.
Very good point. It never hurts to ask as long as you are polite and don't pressure for a higher rating.