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Without any reason client give me 4 star rating

I am so much shocked that buyer give me a 4 star rating without any reason. I asked him again and again why he did this kind of act with me. but he is speechless. What I can do now? Rating of this gig get decreased. what I do now? Please experts help me to give some suggestion. I attached screenshot. :frowning:

Same here many of clients not leave review maybe they forget or ignore and some likes my work but leave 4 stars review and after this they not reply in inbox when i ask for good review…

I also ask buyer if you not satisfied with my work then I’ll refund your full cash…


Osman shahbaz

There’s not really anything you can do if the buyer doesn’t respond. They’re allowed to leave whatever score they feel is fair; that’s the one they chose.

Just go on, business as normal. Make sure you communicate clearly with clients and provide a really high standard of work.

Ratings don’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things. Customers will still buy your product if it’s good. One time I went down to 3.8* after a few orders were cancelled. I still got lots of orders because I deliver a quality product. This might slow you down a tad but keep going. It’s part of life on here.

I can’t figure this out either, but in most of the world 4 out of 5 stars is still a great rating so I think perhaps some buyers don’t know it actually hurts us a bit here because we are working for 100% or our gig gets shown less. I’ve had a few of these, and in the long run it doesn’t seem to hurt my gig views or sales at all. I think it’s something we might make too big a deal of, actually! Just keep doing your best and your customers will buy from you.

Reply to @osman_shahbaz: yeah you are write.

Reply to @sara1984: Thanks for your suggestion. but as I am new here you know rating plays a important role for my fiverr business.

Reply to @writerlisaz: I gave him my best service. even I send him message that if you not satisfied with my work then tell me. I will refund your money or do that what you want. but no replay from him. Its too much panic for me.

Technically, he gave you 4.5, not 4, and you gave him a 5 and wrote excellent client. If I had been in your place, I would have given him 4 stars and written "thank you."

Frankly, there’s nothing to be speechless about, maybe the buyer didn’t feel your work was 5-star, maybe he wasn’t 100% happy. Still, count your blessings, he could have given you 3 stars, 2 stars, he could have written something nasty.

It’s 4.5 stars… Maybe you werent communicating to him as well as he might have wanted you to, or maybe you waited untill last few hours to deliver, and he didn’t like that. Any little thing he didn’t like about your delivery can sway his decision as to what rating to give.

Weird eh ? I had this buyer that probably did it by mistake but yet was too proud to admit it and said that it was because I replied late… and from that point on no more feedback from that person even if I tried to contact them and settle this :slight_smile: Get used to it some of these things will happen, not often if you do a good job.

Reply to @kuntalghosh: I totally understand how you feel! I get the same way. Sorry you’re going through it.

Reply to @kuntalghosh:

It does, but you don’t have a bad rating. It’s just slightly off of perfect. If you stop getting sales, it won’t be because of your rating.

You’re selling traffic, which means you need to learn to live with these feedback scores sometimes. People will assume lots of traffic = lots of sales, which it doesn’t. They’ll then assume its your fault if your gig doesn’t make them a pile of money. Very, very few traffic sellers have 5.0 ratings, and the ones that do have them because their customer service is AWESOME.

Just keep delivering a quality product and treating your customers well. That’s the only way to the top.

The star system is really unfair. Nowhere else in the WORLD is five stars considered “average”, yet we have to aim for that. Anything less is sort of a failure. Sucks, huh?

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Reply to @sara1984: To me, that is one of the absolute worst things about Fiverr. The ARS itself is not really suitable for this type of service, but what Fiverr does with it is worse. If you list a product to sell on Amazon, for example, and buyers give you 4 stars, that’s pretty good! If someone searches keywords about your product, they will find it if they dig a bit. If people like your product and buy it, that is what counts the most - not your feedback rating. The average person won’t even rate or review your Amazon product.

On Fiverr, you can be over 90% positive (still a great rating to most people) and you can lose your levels on Fiverr and be dropped out of search. It is like the plague here to drop below 96% and even at 99% Fiverr regards you as slightly less worthy of selling your services here.

Wouldn’t it be nice if buyers and sellers could rate Fiverr and their star rating appeared on the landing page? I have a feeling that they might not be too thrilled with what they would end up with on a 0-100% scale.

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Reply to @sara1984: Thanks for your nice and informative suggestion. :slight_smile:

Reply to @writerlisaz: :slight_smile:

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I ask him again and again that what is my fault but he is totally not responding. and I know I do my best for him.

Reply to @dizzywall: I contact with him in time. and also ask him what is my fault but unfortunately he not replaying me :slight_smile:

I believe Fiverr should merge from “Positive” to “Negative”. What’s the difference between 4, 4.5 or 5? Like seriously, it makes zero sense to me.

Without any reason he could’ve given you 1 star also :slight_smile: