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Without any Reason my all Gigs down at last page

My rating is 4.9, response rate 99% and also the completion rate is 95%. I was getting 2 to 3 orders a day. Without any reason and warning my gigs are down at last page.

I do not know what happen with my account. anyone here who can help me to sort out this issue. what happened with my account? due to my account all gigs down.


No one on the forum can help you.

If you think there is something to fix you can contact fiverr support but I’m sure they will say that algorithm is working as it’s supposed to.

However you can read the forum with the same stories as yours, we get 2 or 3 people every day complaining about this.


I tried to talk with support but they are saying general things and they are not helping me to figure out the issue. I am very tense about this issue. my sales are dropping. :sleepy::slightly_frowning_face:

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Any cancellation done with in this month?

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yes, previous month I have changed my strategy and team due to this some of my cancelations happen. but his month only one.

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improve your tags when any gig go down so its mean you have to improve your tags.

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Well it’s an issue only for you. But it only proofs that algorithm works as it supposed to, and that’s what support told you.

Gig ranking depends on your performance which include cancellations and all other small things, not only your main stats.

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I have tired everything but not working.

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You mentioned you had recent cancellations? And that previously you had a pretty solid track record? I’d bet with 99.9% certainty that your recent rankings are due to your recent performance. When you refund a buyer Fiverr loses money. If this was your business would you want sellers with cancellations promoted on the first page?

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same here please come to inbox

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Did you get a warning on the account?

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Yes, 50 days ago. did you also ?

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Ah so not only you had a lot of cancellations but also a warning?

Well then I’m really surprised why are you wondering why are you on the last page? :woman_shrugging:


If you are right so why my all gigs down after one and half month ?, I have spent my 1.5 years to build my profile. without informing me my mistakes Fiverr down my all gigs. This is not fair. I did not receive any email from the Fiverr why they down my all gigs.

My friend starts freelancing with me but he is on another platform. Now he is Top rated on that platform and I received this gift.

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I think its a bug in the algorithm.

Then you can contact fiverr support if you really believe that this is a bug. But we all know what they are going to respond to you.

Every month we see people coming to the forum and complaining that all their gigs at the last page but this patterns and how usual they happen only proofs that system working as it is supposed to.


It’s not a bug. From what I can tell, any gig which:

  • Has a cancelation
  • Is delivered late
  • Belongs to a Fiverr profile of someone who has not passed tests or Learn courses

Now gets thrown to the back of the search and stays there no matter what. (You can go 60-days with no cancellations/late deliveries etc, nothing will change)

By comparison, a lot of Pro gigs now appear twice in search pages. Higher priced gigs will also automatically rank higher in the search than other gigs, even without social proof (reviews).

What you can do in this case, is create new high-price gigs to see if these can get better search exposure. If they get de-ranked over time, then just rinse and repeat and try them again. It’s not perfect but it’s all you can do. It is also not a bug. Fiverr wants $$$'s and them throwing you out of the search is them telling you that you aren’t making them enough. :wink:


Even am selling on same boat. My gigs are also down after having few cancellations. But the things is it is on last page from last 40 days and I had completed 22 orders with 100% positive rating no cancellations and no late delivery still it is on last page. I tried everything pomotions and updating of keywords but nothing helped. I dont know how its algorithm works. Some people says your gig ranking depends on gig performance but why my single gig is affecting my other gig which is doing well without any cancellations . ALL GIGS ON LAST PAGE ? :smile:

First of all, I have cleared the test in my category and second thing i did not delivery any work late. my monthly revenue is also $$$$. I am unable to find the solution. I also contacted with Fiverr support. they are just telling me basic things which i have already completed.

Fiverr support is also not supporting me to figure it out this issue so that’s why i posted my query here.