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Without views and clicks on my Gigs, what am I doing wrong?


I need help urgently, I have not had views in December in these 2 Gigs, I would like to know what I am doing wrong.

I’ve been changing tags, description and package information frequently but NOTHING happens! :confounded:

Gig 1:

Gig 2:

I hope you can help me!


Don’t worry my stats have been in the basement no matter what I do the last few weeks. Sales 5* feedback and quick turnaround seems to have no effect recently. I think Fiverr might be too busy throwing new gigs a bone


But if you say you’re going through the same situation as me, then why do you say it doesn’t matter?

No views = No sales


Because there is diddly squat you can do about a rotation algorithm. You just need to hang on untill you catch the wind. Don’t fix it if it wasn’t broke before. I personally think the problem is that Fiverr is getting massive amounts of new gigs due to a certain countries new incentive program that is saturating Fiverr right now


Well, it looks like we all going through this period for the past few weeks. Not sure if fiverr changed their algorithm or it’s just December and Christmas time where people just don’t spend money on services and their business but spending on presents and family


It is not true, there are always hundreds of new users daily, who buy or create new Gigs and Fiverr must be equipped not to overload, think, Fiverr every day increases the number of users, if it were as you say someday Fiverr servers would explode, which is not true, it has been 9 years of perfect functioning. Just as new ones are registered they also leave and Fiverr should always be cleaning its site of inactive accounts, harmful users and so on. I don’t think that’s the problem.


Here is your answer. I’m pretty sure they are rotating them in a longer pendulum swing


You have been a member as long as me, I’m still getting orders just not as many.
My stats change as much as the water in my fat cells during the day. I’ve stopped looking at the scale anymore


It’s December. :christmas_tree:

I found a lovely poster which says ‘Keep calm and eat mince pies’ - would love to post it, but it’s copyright. :slightly_smiling_face:


All over the world there is always going to be someone who buys, you can confirm this in buyer requests there are always buyers posting jobs (there are less on these dates but if THERE IS, which is the important thing), you can also see the “Top Rated Sellers” and all their orders in queue, there will ALWAYS be someone who is willing to buy.


Then it’s just not your target audience :wink:
I know that most of my clients are based in the US and Europe so I don’t even expect much in December and concentrating on physical orders for Christmas.

If you are worried that someone else getting orders but not you then try to target right audience to get those people around the globe “that always ready to buy”


I miss my Kipplings exceedingly good pies.
Don’t get them in the Grand ole US of A


I’ll have an extra one on your behalf! :slightly_smiling_face:


Willing to buy for pennies on the dollar (In my category anyway)
Buyer request are basically work for free requests.

A lot of categories have fallen through the cracks.
Like voiceover, where there is no “Fiverr Pro” but the majority of sellers are newbies.
Experienced sellers fall through the cracks in the myriad of new sellers.

I get it, Fiverr wants to phase my category out in the long-term. The writing’s on the wall. I’ve seen it happen to other categories, Such a shame.


Nah voice over is a cash cow. They just have not figured out how to separate the kitchen table voice overs.Voice over is the 7th most popular category I think