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Woah! 0.0 huge thing for me :d


I was sitting refreshing the fiverr page like crazy during the past 2 weeks with not a single order :(. Now it has been two days I have gotten 32 orders on my logo gig in these 2 days. I am feeling so lucky since I would usually get a sale like once every 3 days! Just thought I’d share since this is amazing for me! :smiley: I am getting 1-2 orders every hour too :)!


Well there are some times when orders stop or the no. of orders are not good but on fiverr is like a circle and just after some time you will start getting jobs again. And because of that a seller get’s more than one chances to improve himself.


says the user is no longer available when i click your name


That’s awesome congratulations! :slight_smile:


Thanks :)!


I saw you on the front page of Fiverr the other day, that’s why you’re getting so many orders!

Congrats :slight_smile:


Yep and now I am just hoping that with these 35 orders or so I will be a more trusted seller and get orders without even being on the home page :)!


Well you are very close to Level 2, so that should make you feel pretty good!


Wow! That is amazing. :slight_smile:


Congratz bro. I’ve been getting a stead constant with all my gigs so hoping I will get a spike sometime.


Wow great work!!