Woah fiverr buyer are most intelligent!


I saw , a buyer post for 30 image retouching job.
There are 35 request for job. Me and my friend also request for this job.
That buyer send a photo for sample retouching , because he want to justify my quality of work. OK
I msg my friend on Facebook and tell him, I got a buyer and he want to know my work quality that’s why he send me a photo for do a sample retouching work.
My friend said that buyer also send him a photo for sample work, like me, but different photo.
Now I thinking if buyer send 30 images to 30 sellers who responses, omg! What you are thinking? That I thinking ? OMG omg!!!


Report the buyer to customer support because what he does it’s might be against the TOS. Plus it’s unethical. If you report him, they will investigate him.


Happy to see that finally, someone got it:
Do not send free samples

And if you want to send them anyway: watermark it


Everyone is thinking what you are thinking. If he wanted to compare the quality of the sellers’ work, obviously he´d send them all the same sample photo.
I wouldn´t call that intelligent, though, gig_freak’s unethical fits better. Also not are, but is, luckily they aren’t all like that. :wink:


That’s a great idea. Thanks .


Yup. But these works are simple. Every fiverr Photoshop sellers can do it within 5 minutes. It’s just product photo retouching.

If he said about a photo manipulation or product photo design. Then all OK.
Bt why send different photo. I couldn’t get, if my friend didn’t told abt different photos.


Fiverr photoshop sellers can indeed do it in 5 minutes, but you would-be ‘buyer’ can’t - that’s the whole point.

He’ll never be a buyer if you give him free work.


I think you misunderstood me, I agreed with everything you posted, just not with calling a behaviour like that ‘intelligent’, but nevermind. Main thing is, your friend does the same work and you two talked and found him out. :slight_smile:


I send my friend a screenshot of this Byer in Facebook chat. And tell him all.
Then he said omg! That buyer also ask me for sample but different image. !!!
Then I got the point.


Then you and your friend are the intelligent ones, and that one buyer is…someone nobody should work for.


you can upload a video, pdf and graphics for your gigs, so upload in the graphic (or video) section your samples.



Watermark your samples simple as that.


Didn’t have time to read all the replies but don’t you guys use watermarks to protect demos/samples? I do it with audio and I believe it is a safe/smart thing to do if you are sending the client something that could be considered the “final” work.


When my friend tell me he got a MSG from same buyer for asking a sample different image’s, I didn’t reply these buyer and didn’t send the samples. But my friend do, he tells me now on Facebook, the buyer didn’t reply him for his sample. :frowning_woman::frowning_woman::frowning_woman::frowning_woman:

@n4y33m funny :pray:


Yes… correct dear…


Yes it’s correct 100%