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WOAH! Unlimited modifications extra switched on automatically

Just looking over my gigs and checking to see if the Getty Images thing has been activated… and BOOM, I spot a little box proudly proclaiming I now provide unlimited revisions for free. Errr… no.

Theres no checkbox to say I agree to this. Its just there. You must manually update it to show 1,2,3 etc modifications and the price.

How long has this been in place? It’s incredibly intrusive and something I don’t want automatically applied to my gigs without my explicit approval. Really, who wants to be auto enrolled to provide unlimited free updates as the default position? As far as I know, I haven’t even been notified of this change.


Wow! Fiverr’s method of implementing new features is pain in the bum-bum!
I don’t see it in my gig so I think it’s a limited release.
Which gig of yours did it apply to? What category is it in?


I received notification in on the right hand side of the dashboard, edited the gigs within a couple of minutes. The new feature should work fine.


Is there anywhere to explain how we can use this (or turn it off?) I tried to adjust it, as I don’t offer modifications except if I make a mistake (which I do for free). I am happy however to offer it for a cost, but the cost seems to be a set amount, ie $5, $10 etc, but the cost is completely dependent for me, on what they want - ie a complete script change and re-do - which depends what they paid in the first place, or changing one or two sentences. Is it possible to quote them for modifications?

Answers available here -

OH that would explain why people are asking me to keep adding stuff outside the gig description. I kept thinking: what’s in the water.

That’s sort of BS. I have people who return for modification ONLY to talk to me, not realizing they can do it in PMs.

Thank you for posting this!! I never would have known. Not cool, Fiverr. Not cool!!

Added: Does anyone know how to turn these off completely? I clicked the “0 modification” option but it comes up that I will do 1 for $5. I do not offer modifications and the cost depends on how much the order cost. So annoying. Why does Fiverr add this nonsense?

Reply to @sue_mcl: That’s BS. There’s so such thing as a flat rate for revisions. Either you would be charging too much or too little. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. If someone wants to offer free revisions, they will put that in their gig description. Shame on Fiverr for implementing this.

Reply to @funkygfx: Its on audio/voiceover.

Reply to @madmoo:
Do you have a link to an official thread?
Your link mentions stock images extra.
I’m referring to the free unlimited modifications proposition thats now been added to all my gigs automatically.

Reply to @stuartjsmith:
No notification here unfortunately. I just spotted it on the gig itself today.
PS Love your gigs. Fantastic voices!

Reply to @madmoo: this?

Reply to @alliemadison12: so glad i’m not the only one who feels this way! i asked on the other thread and the answer was no, we can’t turn it off…