Wohoo! First page & 90th order!


So happy to get to homepage again, just below the featured ones. That’ll give me more exposure. and got my 90th order already. YEY! 8->



one day i hope to be on top!



Reply to @abuelintvn: You will!

Homepage feature really helped increase my sales up! 3 more til 100th! <3


Awesome :smiley:

Do you have any idea why that happened though? I’d love to get more exposure for my gig as well.


I think it is hand picked by fiver editors? not sure though.


Reply to @arnevb: Thanks!


Hi Designhero,

You are really offering the best value out there. Very awesome gig. Checked your portfolio and i am totally inspired. Good luck mate!


Reply to @aaliyaan: Thanks Mate! Glad to have inspired others :slight_smile: You’ve got amazing gigs too, and good luck with your sales