Wohoo ! My Main gig got featured ! Yeahhhhhhhh


I am so happy, after a great hard work on this platform, My gig got featured. Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo

Things that I followed:
1 : Quality Work.
2 : Over deliver.
3 : Low cancellation (just 1 order canceled in this year so far).
4 : Clean communication.
5 : Maintain High Average value per Order.



Keep going




Waaw. Good luck @pintoo0
Can you share your Methods :thinking:


check my above post again, I have mentioned !


Yeah. Thanks a Lot. :wink:
Best of luck



I just received a similar message. Good luck to you!



When you got this great message today ?


Congratulations!!! :balloon:



Come back and let us know how your featured gig does in a few days.



Congratulations! :tada:


Okay surely update ! My main gig got featured which was doing pretty well before featured ! will update you


congratulation bro for this. By the way I am new one here. Can you plz tell me what this featured means. How it will be benefit for you. Thanks in advance


Congratulations! That’s quite an accomplishment!

What is the average value?

Can you please post your URL to your profile?


Search his name on the fiverr search bar. You will surely find him! Search user name by …


Congratulations @pintoo0 :rose:


Yes I got it today.

This is the second time I have been featured. First time, it wasn’t long before fiverr sent a message that they were revoking all featured statuses. They wanted to make it a temporary thing etc

However feels great to be featured once again!

I am as excited as you are :smiley:


Thanks, Just Google " Fiverr featured Gig " . You will get to know all information about this


Congrats ! keep it up. Sometimes I have seen, Fiverr featured level 1 seller gig, which only has 5-10 reviews. How is possible?


Thanks @misscrystal , its due to Forum bug , I have the link of my profile. Let me re add .

You can search my user name too !

AOV (Average order Value) this what I said . Obviously, I don’t know exact factors but that was my guess I shared.

Thanks for your appreciation !