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Woke up to 17 orders but

I have a sore throat today :sob: why do the gods hate me???

Happy hump day everybody xoxoxoxo


Wow, that is extraordinary! I feel like I should offer my congratulations… but I also know that horrible feeling of having too much work to do on a day when you’re not in the mood!

Have you considered using the facility that limits the total number of orders that can be placed, and / or the facility that limits the number of gigs that an individual can order?

For example, I have my account set so that no more than five orders can be placed.

Good luck today.


This feature is broken sadly, as the button that toggles whether or not people who have a link to your profile can still place an order doesn’t switch “off” - it stays on even if you unselect it :frowning:

No worries though, I’m lucky that my day job is part time so if I just plan my rest carefully and drink lots of water I should be able to soldier through! And if I get too overwhelmed I’m not afraid to use OOO :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind words :sparkling_heart:


Nooooooo! I didn’t realise this! That means I’m less popular than I thought as I never have more than five active orders lol.

Have a good day!

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17 orders, wow, must be still a good feeling

Nooo haha you’re popular in my eyes!! Or maybe they fixed it! I haven’t used the feature in over a year as it never worked properly for me!

It is. It’s a relief to know there is work there when I need it. I know I’m very lucky. :gift_heart: